Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yesterday I met with my friends for some fun fun sewing. We had a delightful time. Look at this stunning quilt that Karen has put together. Don't you love how bright and fun it is.

Sorry this one is blurry. But it is the cutest little snowman quilt. Made by the most talented Sue.

Me I sewed and pressed more of these little guys. I now have over 200 of these cute little fellows.
I also finished reading this book. It was a lot of fun. It is a prequel to Peter Pan. If you have any little boys or maybe not so little boys this is a great read. In case you can't read the title on the cover it is Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. So if you want a fun fast read check it out.Happy sewing, Em


  1. Okay that little snowman quilt is too cute for words! Karen (that would be me and yet not) did a fantastic, delicious job on her quilt. Tell her we love it over here at LeeHaven!

    And as for me, I'm happy to know you were able to sew and press to the tune of 200!

    Sew Busy Love, *karendianne.

  2. What a coincidence! I just finished reading that book to my kids! They absolutely loved it and we have already started the next book, Peter and the Shadow Thieves.

  3. The quilts are beautiful and I will have to check that book out ,Clare's Craftroom

  4. Looks like you gals had a great day! Love the show & tell :^)

  5. What an awesome, colorful quilt!!! Love it! 8-)
    That little snowman quilt is simply adorable!! 8-)
    Book looks interesting...

  6. Those quilts look lovely! It must be so nice to have friends who like to quilt!! All my quilting friends are online. LOL! So I sew all by myself!!

  7. Lovely quilts, Em! What aged children does the book appeal to?
    Hugs - Lurline!

  8. Karen't quilt is beautiful! Where do you guys get together to sew?