Monday, November 10, 2008

Half square triangle hoe down

We had quite a party this weekend. My neices came down from up north. DD was thrilled. My sister Julie used to live less than a mile from me and her daughers and mine were best friends. So when her business moved her over an hour away DD was very sad. So when Becky, my other sister, the one who peeks at Christmas gifts, brought Julie's kids down I stole K and A for a day of fun. We beaded. They made some lovely braclets and necklaces that I forgot to take pictures of. Shame on me. They sang and danced. We were sad to see them go when Julie, back from Japan, picked them up. Visit her blog to see her great adventure.
Also this weekend the half square triangles had a grand ball. Here they are all decked out and ready to go. They paired up and did a lovely dance through the sewing machine.
For the next dance they paired up again and do si doed through the sewing machine.
Next they kicked up their heels for a fun line dance. Yee Haw!

Then it was time for a square dance.
After all that dancing they needed a cool down. So they joined the fans.
Hoping today to coral all that fun with some borders. Don't want this party to get too wild.


  1. Phew! Glad those HSTs cooperated with all that square dancin' LOL!

  2. Ye haw! clever (and pretty) line ... or square dancing!

  3. That was a fun dance. Don't worry. It can't get too wild!

  4. Grab your partner by the hand.....etc. Love the blocks and fans...looking good. Will be interesting to see them altogether with borders!! Cathy

  5. Ye Haw!!! Fun stuff!!! 8-)
    Great that your daughter could spend time with her cousins... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  6. It appears as if your dance card is full! It is looking great! I love all those hst.;)

  7. You're fun. I love the way you wrote about the HST's.

    And what a happy time you had with the family as well. I giggled when I read about Becky "who peeks at Xmas gifts."

    Looking forward to what comes out of the corral.