Thursday, October 30, 2008

Days Like That

My day started out great. I had a record day yesterday on this little blog of mine and when I saw how many hits I had had I was doing the happy dance. So thanks to all of you for starting my day out so beautifully. But from then on things did not goes as planned. Don't you hate when you have all these great plans of what you are going to accomplish in a day and then chaos breaks loose and you get nothing done. Well that is what happened today.
DD woke up saying she was sick could she not go to school until after lunch. That is when her Halloween party was. Not acceptable. Had to walk her all the way to school to get her there.
Barely had enough time to shower, throw a batch of wash in and then off to get N for a dr. appointment. Dr told N no skateboarding for 3-5 days to see if that helped his knee. That was like telling me not to quilt. Did not make for a happy camper. Then he had to wait at my dr. while I got a flu shot. Not fun for either of us. Drop off N at school then buy a suburban full of groceries to feed the troops for the week. Yes 3 teenage boys eat that much. Home to eat and get some work done before kids get home. J got home and I asked where A was forgot he was staying after to get math help. (Does anyone else do this?) Was running to drop something off to a friend around the block when I realized it was my turn to pick up jr. high carpool. (and this?) Ran back home gave stuff to J to run up for me while I ran to jr. high. Picked up kids dropped them off. Figured I had enough time to drop off script for N at pharmacy, books at library, and vote before picking up A from school. I think the whole state of Utah thought they would beat the rush and vote early. The line ran through the foyer of the library around the whole children's section and into the young adult section. A said he was making up a test and I could stay to vote. So I checked out a book the library was holding for me and read 3 chapters while I waited to vote. While waiting DD called and said she needed a few extra things for her Halloween costume for her party tonight. Yes this is the one that was too sick for school this morning. Told her we would figure things out when I got home. A was still taking test when I was done voting so I came home helped DD with costume. Just as I was finishing this up A called looking for a ride. Picked him up and swung by pharmacy to pick up script. They said when I dropped it off that it would be ready in 15 minutes. Well over an hour later and they still didn't have it. So waited 15 minutes while they got it. Home again to get DD ready for her party. Sit down to do my blog and J and N forget they are brothers and have an all out war. Seperate them into their rooms. Not an easy task when they are angry and both very much bigger than me. I feel like a broken record as I repeatedly say go to your room I'll come talk to you in a minute while standing inbetween them. Send DD to party and get dinner going. Then after a calming period work out issues with J and N. So there went my day. Not a stitch sewn. My pile of half square triangles waits for me but I am too tired to sew.

Well there's always tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nifty Notions

Do you make a lot of half square triangles for blocks like this? Or this
or this
or this
Or maybe this.
Whatever block you like to make if you make a lot of half square triangles have I got the tool for you. A couple of years ago I took a class from Kaye England. Kaye is the nicest person. I thoroughly enjoyed her class. And can I just say that what I learned in that class has helped me immensely. With her little tool my half square triangles go together so smoothly and my points meet just so. I saw Kaye at Quilt Market in Portland last spring and I just could not thank her enough for this wonderful tool. So are you wondering if I am just going to keep rambling or am I going to tell you about this tool. Well not only am I going to tell you about this tool, I'm going to show you how to use it.
First it is Nifty Notions half square triangle.
It looks like this.

To use it you cut two strips. The strips should be cut 1/2" bigger than you want your finished half square triangle to be. Example if you want a 2" block cut your strips 2 1/2".

Place your strips right sides together. You might want to cut the end to ensure that the ends of both strip meet. Place the Nifty Notions half square triangle ruler on your strip so that there is a long side on your left hand side and along the bottom of your strip. Line up the edge of your strip along the bottom and on the size measurement you want for your triangle. As in example given before it would be the 2 1/2" line. Cut along third edge to make your triangle. Next flip your ruler so that the long edge is along the top and the diagonal line rest on the line you just cut. Line up the top edge so that it reads the measurement you want. 2 1/2 inches for example. Then cut along third side to create another pair of triangles. Repeat this process for the amount of half square triangles you need. Take you little pile of triangles to your sewing matching and feed them through.

Open them up and press. Wha la you have a perfect little half square triangle. To make all those fun blocks you love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Treasure Found

Don't you just love when you find unexpected treasures. Like reaching in your coat pocket in the fall and finding money you had put in there in the spring and forgotten about. I was hunting through my gold fabrics looking for little gems to go with my fan quilt when I found these. I had completely forgot I had bought these. I got them thinking I would do harvest sky in fall fabrics. I didn't I did it in homespuns.
So I was quite thrilled to find them today. And even more thrilled to find they go so well with the fans. Don't you just love when you find treasures?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Witches Brew

I bought this fabric on Saturday. It was 75% off. It was not quite the color I wanted. The swirls were white and it had to much of a pink cast for what I wanted to use it for. So I tossed it in this for a few hours. While I quilted Becky's quilt.
Now I have this which from the picture is not much different. But if you were to meet it in real life the swirls would be beige and the background reminds me of the red sand down in southern Utah, where my parents live.

I am going to use it with my fan blocks to make another block. Two of my friends suggested I add other blocks to the fans so I can have a decent sized quilt when I am done. The other block will remain a mystery to you for the time being. But stay tuned to see what's brewing in my sewing room.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clean and Dry

The carpets are clean and dry from our little disaster this last weekend. The room is put back together. And probably the cleanest it has been in ages. You can see the floor! Now that is an accomplishment. So that means the ping pong table was cleared of all clutter. And I could pin my sister's quilt.
And quilt it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Earlier in the week Polly awarded me with this. Thanks Polly. Anyone who does not know Polly she is amazing. She has gone back to school to earn her nursing degree. She just finished up an algebra class. Way to go! We are doing the happy dance for you. You should visit her and congratulate her on this great accomplishment. I am suppose to pass this on to five other people. Forgive me if I don't. I just can't choose. You are all so wonderful to me. I appreciate your friendship. I love to read your comments and visit your blogs. So if you want to be tagged you are. If your plate is full and one more thing might put you over the edge, don't worry about it. But know I love you and are thankful for the way you bless my life. Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A few years ago I taught a class on foundation piecing to help the shop I sewed for to sell some foundation by the yard. I made up quilts for each of the foundation by the yard the shop carried. There was a pineapple, square in a square, and grandmothers fan. There may have been more I don't remember. Ruth Ann, the shop owner then let me choose on so I could have it in varying stages for the class. I choose the grandmothers fan. I made one block and then had a few more at various stages. I had good intentions of finishing this quilt but after the class it got put in a box and has sat forgotten until today. I finished up the ones that were in various stages. And made several more. Now comes the hard part. In the yard you got 12 blocks and 4 mini fans for corners. The blocks are not very big, only 8". So with what I have I could make a wall hanging or a table runner or topper. I guess I could get more foundation or trace what I have on muslin. Then comes the fun part. How to arrange them? A drunkard's path on diagonal...In a row... Rising suns...
Dresden plate...
Or the traditional fan.
Choices, Choices, What's your favorite?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I put borders on my sister's Christmas gift. I wish I had made them bigger now that they are on. But I don't have enough to do it now. I am thinking of doing a scrappy binding. What do you think?I pieced a back in pink. Because I couldn't make something for Becky without it having lots of pink. Well except her wedding quilt. Which her hubby told me not to put any pink in. Don't tell him but there are little pink flowers on one of the fabrics I used. It was a scrappy quilt so he would really have to look to find them. I would have this pinned and ready to quilt but while we were in St. George the seal on the fish tank broke and we came home to a flooded bedroom. So everything that was in my son's room is in the family room. We have cleaned up and now we wait for his room to dry out. Not an easy task when it's in the basement and it's cold outside. Fans are whirling to try and speed the process. So the quilting on this will have to wait a little while. No worries I can always find something else to work on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little Help from my Friends

First of all I would like to thank all of you who took time from your busy schedule to make my mom feel welcome. She was so excited. She so appreciated all you comments. My heart was so full of gratitude to all of you for all your kind comments. I knew you would come through for me but I never imagined the kind things you would say about me. Thanks!!!!

I feel a little guilty asking for your help again but I need a few good ideas. I am co chairing my quilt guild's Christmas party, and I am looking for fun ideas. What have you done in the past that you enjoyed. Look forward to hearing from you creative and generous ladies. Thanks! Have a great day!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Mom and Dad

While you were reading about snowmen I was actually down in sunny St George, visiting my parents. I created the posts before I left, packed up the kids (who had a long weekend from school) and headed south. The weather was lovely, 80's every day. How very nice of my parents to retire to such a nice vacation spot. Grandpa took the boys shooting while the girls went to lunch and did some crafts. The next day we went to Sand Hallow. The kids played on the beach. Washed the canoe for grandpa. Two of my boys tried to be Jack Sparrow and walk under the canoe like in the Pirates of the Caribbean. They informed me there is not as much air under there as they show in the movie. They craned their necks to show me what they had to do to breath. Silly boys.
My mom has been wanting to do a blog for some time so I helped her to create on. Mom is a very talented lady. She sculpts, paints, sews, and carves. She has taught me and my brother and sisters to do many of these. She has taught us the importance of developing our talents, and is a great example of doing this. The walls of her studio are covered in portrait paintings of the Indians she served on a humanitarian mission for a year. Her carvings and sculptures decorate her home. Below is a doll she sculpted and made the clothes for a few years back. I would show you her amazing carving but the battery to my camera died before I got pictures taken and I had forgot the charger. Please go visit my mom at her blog, Santa Carver, and see some of her wonderful work. Give her a little encouragement. This blogging thing is making her nervous. She is afraid she won't be able to do it. Like me computers is not her strong point. I told her as I helped her if I could do so could she. I hope she has as much fun with it as I have.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Winter's Coming

The snow this last weekend got me thinking. Winter is going to be here soon. So I pulled out the clay.
Made the right color of orange.
And made a bunch of carrot buttons.
So I would be ready for all the snow. And of course the snowmen that will be created at this wonderful time of year.
Let it snow now. We're ready.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Year's Challenge

Well I'm halfway to meeting Finn's New Year's Challenge. I have finished Hippie Trails, my mini quilt, and The Family Reunion quilt. This has been a great motivator for me. Thanks for having this wonderful brain child Finn.

My sister was over the other day and I was asking here what she wanted for Christmas. She and her hubby have a sweet little baby and I was asking if she would like a night out for Christmas. You know get a gift certificate to their favorite resturaunt and watch the sweet baby while so they can have some alone time. She said that would be nice but she was thinking of a quilt for sweet baby. So I thought this one might be fun.I made this for a class I taught a while back. I had to have a sample and my two that were done were in other shops. So I quickly threw this together. It just needs boarders and quilting. Totally doable and will kill two birds with one stone. A Christmas present for my dear sister and an other finish for Finn's Challenge. Yippee!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Look what our little garden grew. Four pumpkins. What you say, I only see three. Well one was a little trickster. He ventured outside the garden gate. He found his home on the playhouse porch. Well it used to be the play house before we needed to find a home for my hubby and son's new passion.
Motorcycles. Maybe this tricky little pumpkin thought he could go for a ride.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting Spooky

Some little people were getting anxious for Halloween so I thought I would get my act together and finally get the decorations out. So the trick or treaters are ready to don the door. Witches, monsters and haunts hang eerily above the stairs. If you weren't scared to go down there before you may be now. My friends made these blocks in an exchange I did a few years back. The tombstones have the names of those who made blocks for it.

Happy Jacks listen to the creepy piano music.
Franky and his friends do the Monster Mash
to those same creepy tunes.
Here are some spooks hanging out in the corner.These Jacks keep toasty by the stove.Happy Haunting to you and yours this spooky season.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened to fall?

Stina the snow you promised to send came this weekend. We woke up Sunday morning to it lightly falling outside our windows. There were joyous shouts from my children. And giggles as we watched dad and the neighbors shake it from the trees only to have it shower down on them. This was necessary to keep the branches from breaking under it's weight as the leaves have not fallen yet.
Josh informed me that it was great snowball snow, and threw his share of snowballs.
Neil was hoping for more. One because he thinks the weight of the snow will keep the wind from blowing the tarp off the half pipe. Two because if he can't skateboard he needs enough snow to snowboard. Alex asked when we are getting season passes to the local ski resort. I need to do that this week to get the discount price. If this weekend is any indication the boys will enjoy a long winter of sliding down the mountain on the greatest snow on earth.
So thanks for the snow Stina. Keep sending it our way. We will put it to good use.