Monday, September 29, 2008

Quilt Show

Last week was Utah Quilt Guild Annual Meeting. Here are some pics of the quilt show. I swear I took more pics but for some reason they are not all in my camera. I think the battery was dying and that is why. Look at this lovely applique. It was amazing. Do you ever feel like this lady. I know I sometimes do.
These baskets were so sweet. They each had little yo yo flowers in them.
This snails trail was awesome.
The contrast in color was great in this one. The picture does not do it justice.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dyeing some more

This one we did by putting shaving cream into water and mixing it to the consistency for whipping cream. Then we mixed the dye with shaving cream and dropped globs of it in the water mixture. Next we used chopsticks to swirl it around. Finally we set our fabric in it. I really liked this effect. This one reminds me of an ugly my hubby had when we first go married. I made painted the dye on the put the black marks on with a foam paint brush. It's not one of my favorites.
This one I did just like the one above. Painting the fabric lightly with brown then using the foam brush I put on the orange. I filled in any light spots with yellow. I like the effect on this one. This is another ziplock baggie one. I did it in colors I knew my son would like.
I tried stamping shooting stars on this one. Then painted around them with dark purple. I didn't like how it was looking so I wadded it up and put it in a ziplock bag. I like it now. If you look close you can still find some of the stars.

This was another attempt at stamping. It took me awhile to get the hang of it.
I did better on these next two pieces.

Though I still have a lot of room for improvement. But it was a lot of fun. And I will do it again.
Many of you have asked what I will do with this fabric. I am formulating ideas. I'll post them when they come to fruition.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grandma and Me

I know I told you I would post pics of my dyeing class, and I will but not today. I want to tell you about the delightful lunch I had with my grandma.
I left my dyeing class for the lunch break. I only had two hours so I wanted to let grandma know I was on the way. When I went to look for my cell phone I could not find it. I knew I had remembered it (most times I forget) but I knew I had pulled back into the driveway after backing out because I had forgot it and ran in the house to get it. So I knew it had to be somewhere. Then I remembered I had heard a clunk while racing to get to my class on time. So at the next stop light, I unbuckled my seat belt, climbed over the center console and looked between the passenger seat and the door. Wa-la cell phone. Yeah! After grabbing the cell phone, climbing back over the console and buckling my seat I notice I had a whole bus stop of people for an audience. It must have been quite a show. They were laughing. Oh well cheap entertainment for them.
Anyway I call grandma to let her know I am on my way. As I am driving to Grandma's I notice that the floor in front of the passenger seat is quite a mess. I have called my car the metal diaper bag since my boys were little, for good reason. So when I get to grandma's I start to clean out the mess so she at least has a place to put her feet. I am so intent on my cleaning that I didn't even notice that Grandma had come out and was about to get in the car. I finish up my cleaning and get out to help her in.
We head to Sizzler. We had a delightful lunch and Grandma told me all about her recent trip to Norway and Sweden. She told me that there had been a couple on the tour with her. When they heard her last name he asked if she knew my dad. She said vaguely, then told them he was her son. It turned out to be my bishop from when I was in high school and his wife. They asked if he was her oldest. When she said no they asked how old are you? Eighty-seven she told them. I hope I'm as active when I am Grandma's age.
Apparently they had visited a bar that was made completely out of ice. I had to tease her about bar hopping. She said what would your dad think if he know his mom and bishop were drinking in the bar together. I had to laugh.
After lunch we went back to Grandma's and looked at all the postcards she had got on her trip. She buys postcards instead of taking photos. All in all it was a most wonderful outing. So thankful for my amazing grandma.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dying to Live

WEE!!! What fun I had at the fabric dying class. This is my first attempt. I may do some more to this one. This one is more of a brown and rust with just a hint of purple. Sorry for the poor picture it was night when I took it. I forgot my camera in my rush to get everyone to school or a friends house before school started. Such a bummer. And by the time I got home got dinner and helped with homework the sun had said 'Good night.'
This one I tried stamping shooting stars. I didn't like how it was turning out as I add the night sky so I just messed around with it.
This one I but in a ziplock bag with blue, green and purple dye.
This one reminds me of the landscape down by my mom. She lives in Southern Utah.
I'll take more pics tomorrow when it's light. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze it in. I'm going back up to Quilt Fest tomorrow. No classes but I am going to the lecture and luncheon and helping with the orphan blocks. I have to go early again or I don't get to go. It is my turn to drive jr. high carpool which my oldest son has thankfully volenteered to do for me. Shocking a 17 year old says yes to driving the car. (hee, hee) But that means I have to leave him the car. So my dear friend Marilyn is giving me a ride and she has a class in the morning. I am putting the camera with my sewing stuff tonight so I don't forget it tomorrow in the rush, rush.


What on earth you may ask. Have you been anticipating cleaning or painting. No are you crazy. This wonderful bucket of supplies is for the class I have been looking forward to fro months now. I have wanted to learn how to do this for years. And now finally the day has arrived. I am going to learn to dye fabric today. Yippee!!! I can hardly wait. To add to this already exciting day I am going to lunch with my grandma. She is a wonderful lady, so full of encouragement. As soon as I found out that I would be up her way I called to see if she is available. You never know with Grandma. She could be off to Norway, sunny California or some other far off place. She is in her eighty's and so full of life. I hope I am so lucky.
Well I'm off for a fun filled day. Hope you all have a great day also!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Ta Daa

My little quilt rack is no longer lonely and bare. She has a little friend now. I finished my little mini quilt last night. I stayed up a little past my bedtime to complete it. Something I seldom do. I must get my beauty sleep you know. I don't know if it is doing anything for my appearance but I know it makes me a much more pleasant person to be around.

Monday, September 22, 2008


On Friday I was able to finish Hippie Trails. To the music of my DD and her friends giggles in the shade out front and the swish click swish click of my son on his half pipe in the back, I hand stitched the binding in place. What joyous music to sew to. And here is the finished product. Yippee!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Eye Candy

Here is more of my talented and lovely friend at the Layton Quilt Guilt.
Look at the stunning quilt by Susan. I really want to try this one. And a fun star block she made at our last sew in.
Look at this lovely runner by Loretta. All those little berries are appliqued. WOW!!She also made this Christmas quilt.
And this garden gate. Here hubby bought the kit for her. It's called Loretta's Gate. How sweet.
Look at this wonderful fall quilt by Denise.
And this one also by Denise. And this one also by Denise. Denise is a very busy lady. Her friend Karen says when Denise sews it is like when the mean neighbor in the Wizard of Oz is riding her bike and they play that music. Da ta da ta da da. Denise's mind is focused and she is going somewhere.
Here is Sue with a gift she made for a friend that let her family use their cabin. Here is Sue again with a quilt she made from my Unchained Memories pattern. It is for her grandaughter. Didn't she do a lovely job.
And here is the fun card that she taught us to paper piece. This one is Ruth's. I love the pink and brown she choose.

Here is a lovely gift set that Donna made for an exchange she is doing.

Well that's all for this months quilt guild. I can't wait to see what these simply amazing women come up with next month.
As soon as I get another quilt to the binding stage I will show you the neat binding trick that Karen showed.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Eye Candy

What a lovely time I had yesterday. It was my quilt guild meeting, and oh what fun we had. At the morning sew in Sue taught us to make the nicest little paper pieced cards. I'll show those tomorrow. Then we had a wonderful show and tell. Marleen's red quilt. Her sweet baby quilt.
And her Americana quilt.
The lovely Joan's fabulous fall quilt. Sorry not a good picture.
Michelle's quilt that she won a blue ribbon on in the State Fair Challenge.
And the King size quilt she made for her bed.
Lou's amazing mini quilt.
Mary Jo's stunning circles.
And free style waves.

And her cozy homespun.
And to round thing off Karen showed us an easy method for binding. It was a snap. Made it so easy when you come around and have to make those two ends meet. Thank you Karen.
More show and tell tomarrow plus Sue's wonderful class.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few years ago I got this lovely little quilt rack for Christmas from my dear friend, Loretta. I have been wanting and needing to make a mini quilt to go on it. So yesterday I found a few spare moments after cleaning up my, looks like a tornado hit, sewing room. And I peiced this. It was fun and easy. I already had the squares cut in baskets. Yeah!! Cutting is not my favorite part of the wonderful quilting process. Double Yeah!! I didn't mess up my sewing room getting out fabrics. Now how long do you think that will last?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peace, Love and Peaches

Yesterday was Neil's B-day so I got up early to make his b-day muffins. This is a tradition in our family. On your b-day you get a muffin with a candle in it for breakfast and the family sings Happy Birthday to you. Just a fun way to start your b-day. I have finished quilting Happy Trails. I had so many neighbors say that my quilt was made of hippie fabric that I just might really have to change the name to Hippie Trails especially since I quilted peace signs, hearts and flowers. The binding is sewn on one way and I have started the hand stitching. Soon I will have a finish for Finn's challenge. YEAH!!!!

My youngest sister came yesterday while the kids were at school and we canned peaches. Actually she did all the work and I got to hold her darling little baby girl. I was happy she could use my peaches and thrilled that I got to play with Mary. It was a delightful day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Times

Had another sweet weekend with my DD. My hubby and boys went to The Dew Tour. It was here in town this weekend, so for Neil's B-day they went. They watched the BMX bikes and the skaters do all kinds of wild tricks. They thought it was all pretty cool. My daughter and I could not attend because of play practice. (We were not that disappointed.) The play will be here soon so are spending a lot of time practicing. We had practices every night last week except Sunday and Monday. We have practice Tuesday. Wednesday is the dress rehersal. Then Thursday and Friday we perform at 7:30 and again on Saturday at 2:00. All performances are at the Bountiful Regional Center so if you are in the area come and see us. We would love to have you. After practice I began teaching my DD to sew. She cut out and then she sat on my lap and I helped her sew this fun cupcake pincushion. She did a great job! We are looking forward to putting it to use as we enjoy many more sewing sessions together.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Supporting Cast

I think being in this musical has affected my thinking. I saw all these lovely scraps from Happy Trails. They had auditioned for the front. (If you remember I did a lot of reverse sewing on this quilt changing the order of the trails, trying to get it just right.) But for some reason or another they didn't quite make a starring role. I still felt they needed to be in the quilt. They were just to beautiful not to have a part in it. So they will do there job a little less in the spotlight, but still be important to the quilt. Here is the back to Happy Trails. What a lovely supporting cast.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sew Cool

Look what I found yesterday. I was browsing the on line classified adds and came across this. It's the same as the one my mom has. I learned to sew on this machine. The add said it had just been tuned up and that it ran great the price said best offer. So I gave my mom a jingle to see what she thought I should offer. She told me what she thought it was worth but suggested I have the sellers give me a price first. Called hubby to see if it was okay. Of course he said yes. So I called the sellers when they said $100. I was thrilled. They said one other person had called on it and the first on to show up with the cash could have it. So I hurried to finish helping DD with her homework and rushed off to pick up this great prize.
Getting this machine is like dejavu. My wedding present from my parents was a Bernina 830. Once again I was thrilled. I danced all over the room. My hubby not so thrilled. But has learned to appreciate the joy and peice of mind this wonderful machine gives me. Probably why he let me get another one. He figures 1- it's cheaper than therapy 2- if mom ain't happy ain't no one happy 3- he's a really great guy and he loves me.