Monday, June 17, 2019

Moving it Forward

Trying to figuring out how to quilt a quilt I often get stuck.  My quilting angel, Sheri, had got all the Quilty Hugs bond.  She was wondering if I had another for her.  Sadly I was a little behind. So rather than stew over how to quilt this patriotic Quilty Hug. I decided to do a quick stipple.  It's quilted now.  I need to trim it up and get the binding cut.  So Sheri will have a quilt to work on while she watches shows at night.  
In addition to getting a little quilting done.  I also redid my Quilt Page.  It had been years since I had updated it.  I may do a little tweaking yet but at least the quilts are current.

What have you been working on?  I hope the business of summer with vacations, yard work, and BBQ's is not keeping you so busy you are not finding time to escape to your sewing room.  I find even a few moments helps me.  Link up and show us what your working on.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Picnic Quilt and Table Runner

Summer officially begins here in the US next Friday.  The weather is finally warmer.  I'm looking forward to all the fun the next couple of months will bring; family reunion, BBQ/potlucks, picnics, parades, fireworks, and the rodeo.  A few of those events need a quilt to sit on to enjoy.  So I created this patriotic star quilt.  I'm calling it Braveheart.  The points of the star do make hearts after all.  I think it will be delightful to watch the parade and fireworks on.  Not to mention have a little picnic while we listen to concerts in the park.
 I also made a matching table runner.  Won't it look great on the table at the BBQ/potluck?

Plus make a great summer decoration for my home.  Are you as excited for all the summer fun as I am?  Do you want a fun quilt or table runner to help you celebrate?  These are quick and easy.  
You can find the pattern here. If you make this or any of my quilts, I'd love to see.  Please send me a picture via email or tag me on Instagram @emsscrapbag.

One more thing, don't forget today is the last day of Fat Quarter Shop's Sweet Sixteen Birthday celebrations.  Don't miss out on all the great deals. Plus Blueprint is offering 50% off your first three months.  That's a great savings!  Just the classes alone are worth it.  Not to mention the savings on kits and supplies.  Don't wait!  The offer ends June 30th. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Just a Thought ~Joy

I know our brains are good at seeing what's wrong.  We do want to protect ourselves.  But I hope we will take a moment to see all that is good in our lives. 

Speaking of good things.  Did you know Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating their birthday?  Check out the fun here

Monday, June 10, 2019

Moving It Forward

I had a most wonderful weekend with the Heartland Quilters.  I knew the moment Heather asked if I would be willing to come teach them my Naughty Garden. I would say yes!  After all I'd be flying into St. Louis, and one of my all time favorite movies is "Meet Me in St Louis" with Judy Garland.  That alone sold me.  Not to mention how much I love meeting other quilters.  We are all kindred spirits.
 I got to catch the tail end of Diane Knott's class and finally meet her in person.  What a treat!  Such a great lady.  Next I shared a trunk show full of scrappy quilts and share my methods and philosophy on using up those scraps. 

Then on Saturday we had a delightful time creating flowers.  Listen to all the chatter and watch the scraps fly.
Now see all the wonderful wonky flowers these ladies created.

 They truly embraced the wonk.!  I can't wait to see how their quilts turn out. 
 In addition to the fun sewing I got to see the St. Louis arch and the largest ketchup bottle in the world.  My silly hubby was jealous of my getting to see that ketchup bottle.  He simply adores ketchup.  Gotta love that man!
Thank you Heather and the Heartland Quilters for having me.  I had a wonderful time!

Are you interested in a workshop and/or trunk show?  Contact me.  I'd love to come play with scraps in your neck of the woods.  We'll have so much fun!

Finally what many of you have been waiting for, our little link up.  Show us what you're moving forward.  We'd love to see. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Medallion Quilt Along final border

Are you ready for the final round in the Medallion Quilt Along?  Next month we'll have a link up and show off your creations.  I'm so excited to see what you've come up with.  This month's border is a pinwheel on point.  

If your bow ties finish at 2" you will need 44 sets of the following.  If your bow ties finish at 2 1/2" (I'm still kicking myself for that mistake.  I've tried to fix it and I hope you didn't give up on me.)  You will need 48 sets of the following.
From background 2- 3 7/8" squares and 1- 4 1/4" square. From prints 1- 4 1/4" square. 
 Cut your 3 7/8" background squares on diagonal once.  Cut your 4 1/4" squares on diagonal twice as shown.
 Place right sides together a background and print triangle from the 4 1/4" squares.
 Sew along one of the right angle sides.  Be consistent in which side you sew on with all your triangle sets.
 Your unit should look like this.  
 Place a 3 7/8" triangle right sides with the previous unit and sew in place.  Repeat with the matching 4 1/4" triangles and 3 7/8" triangle so that you have four of these units.
 Trim dog ears and sew into pinwheel block.
 Pop the center seam to reduce bulk and press.  Make remaining pinwheels.
 Arrange around  your center. If you have 2" bow ties 10 pinwheels along top and bottom.  Sew in place.  12 pinwheels along sides.  Sew in place.
If you have 2 1/2" bow ties 11 pinwheels along top and bottom.  Sew in place.  13 pinwheels along sides.  Sew in place.
Let me know if you have any questions.  Have fun!  And be ready to show off your beautiful quilts next month.  They don't need to be finished.  A flimsy is fine.