Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Scrappy Bear Paw Sew Along

This weeks Scrappy Bear Paw found me a little behind. I had all the paws made but not sewn together into their four paw blocks. So this morning I've been busy them together. Here they are in all their glory. I'm loving how happy they all are.
 Not to mention how happy the baby bear paws are to have their mothers.
 Each time I finish a step I get more and more excited for this quilt. Not to much longer. Where did this summer go? Yesterday registration arrived for my daughter for school. How is that possible? It seems she just got out for the summer. But for good or bad time marches on. How are you coming on your Bear Paws? Are you getting as excited as me?

Winners for last week are Kaja and Kleine Vingers. Congrats ladies!


  1. Those look fabulous. Yes, summer is marching past quickly. It's hard to imagine that they will be heading back to school so soon.

  2. Love your quilt! Yes...summer goes way too fast.

  3. The scrappy bearpaw keep pulling. Thank you for winning the give away from last week. Greetings

  4. Oh, how sweet! I'm all about scrappy! I hadn't seen this sew along, which is probably a good thing! I already have so many irons in the fire!

  5. I did send you my snail mail address by email, did you receive it? Greetings Aurora