Friday, April 15, 2016

Manly Free For All

Tuesday I joined my friends at the community center where many of them meet each Tuesday to sew. I find it the best place to baste my quilts, and I have a lot of quilts to baste. I can pull a couple banquet tables together and clip my quilt sandwich to them, and then pin baste them.  It is so much easier on my knees than my tile floor. Plus the company is great! 

Like I said, I have a lot of quilts to baste. I brought three. I knew I would run out of safety pins if I brought more.  As it turns out I ran out on the last quilt anyway.  I basted it as best I could and will add the missing pins as I finish quilting the other two. I decided I would start with the manly free four all quilt Ruth helped me put together at one of my Happy Chemo sew ins. Keeping with a masculine feel I did organic lines on the diagonal. Organic because I couldn't do a true straight line if my life depended on it and on the diagonal because it worked well with the design. 
The quilting went fast and soon I had a finished quilt. I bound it in a marbled burgundy which I also put on the back. Spring, being the fickle girl she is did not want to cooperate with picture taking. I finally gave in and had a little photo shot in the rain.  
 I was afraid if I waited any longer the rain would turn to snow.  It is in the forecast.  And like I said Spring is a fickle girl. I think it's masculine enough to feel the need we have for more manly quilty hugs.
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  1. love your quilt the scrappiness is fantastic.

  2. Love the quilt, and great manly colors.

  3. What a great manly quilt! I find it hard to make them, but your's looks really good!

  4. I love the quilt! That sounds like a great way to get your quilts basted and visit at the same time :-)

  5. Any man who is afraid of this beautiful quilt needs to get over himself.
    I am sure there are ptsd/war veterans who would welcome it in a heart beat.

  6. I like how the light squares run diagonally through the quilt.

  7. I love the mix of big and small squares. Love the white squares too. Very nice quilt.

  8. Wonderful finish, congratulations.

  9. Lovely finish! Thanks for sharing this great scrap quilt with Oh Scrap!