Friday, February 5, 2016

New Card Holder

I recently purchased a new purse.  My old one was faded and in need of replacement. I'm not a big shopper, unless it is for fabric, of course. So I tend to put purchases off.  My new purse did not quite fit my cardholder. So I needed to make a new one. I had a layer cake of Hometown Girl by Pat Sloan that I thought would be cute. 
 I had to tweak the tutorial a little to make it fit my purse.
  So not quite as many pockets for cards.  But I didn't really need that many anyway. And it's nice to have my cards easily accessible again. I love being able to flip through it and easily find the card I'm looking for. Not having to worry about not having the right punch card when I'm at the fabric store or my favorite bakery. That is important you know.
Linking up with Sarah and Amanda Jean to celebrate this little finish.



  1. What a great card holder. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  2. I really should make one of these and go through my cards, I have them all in a little zippered bag and have to look through all of them to find the right one - thankfully I don't shop often

  3. Super cute Fabric for your cardholder. Great job! and thanks for the tutorial.

  4. That's a great idea and a good looking one as well.

  5. Lovely card holder - pretty and organized.

  6. Nice card wallet! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I need one of these.