Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Little Process

I had six of these not so little houses, the 16 patches are 8" square.  They are leftovers from a recent quilt that I'm not able to share yet. The roofs are leftover from my Ziggy Granny quilt. together they make an almost 16" block. I felt that making them into houses like this there would be too much negative space.
 So I started staggering them letting the 16 patches fall between the roofs of the lower houses. I had fun adding little people leftover from this quilt using my sister, Julie's fabric. (It is fun to remember past quilts as I put together all these orphans.)
 Then I filled in with a few trees and smaller houses among the upper roofs. In this way I was able to use up five of the six large houses. I could have added the sixth but I felt it was getting too wide. So I'll have to find a home for it elsewhere in the quilt.
One section done in this memory filled quilt.  Looking forward to doing more.


  1. What an inspirational bunch of blocks. I'm looking forward to watching your little community of blocks grow.

  2. Looking good! This layout is very fun!

  3. Very innovative use of leftover bits and blocks! Looks like a fun quilt.

  4. These are darling! Literally everything I go to B&N to drink coffee and read quilting magazines I come across a pattern of yours. So happy you are getting the well deserved attention

  5. This is so fun! I love it!