Wednesday, January 6, 2016

With A Little Help from My Friend

 My leaders and enders project got a big boost yesterday from my friend Ruth. Being the first Tuesday of the month it was time for a Happy Chemo Sew In. I had several projects for my wonderful helpers to choose from.  Sadly a bug is going around and we were small in numbers. One of the projects was my leaders and enders project. I try to keep blocks that have a lot of seems out of the sew ins as it seems everyone has a different 1/4" seam allowance and it just make assembly so much easier if the blocks are put together by one person. I was on the last step so I had brought them into the mix. Ruth sewed the remaining 41/2" squares to the previous units to create these beautiful blocks
Not quite enough for a quilt.  I had not counted the pieces while I was making them. just mindlessly feeding them through the machine. Fortunately I have more parts.
Hopefully it is enough for a row or two each way. Right now it only measures 42" square.  Not quite as big as a quilty hug should be.

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  1. You lucky gal, wish I had a little quilting elf or two to help me in the Studio.

  2. That must be a triple 4-patch design? I love the rich jewel toned colors with the lights chaining through it, just beautiful!

  3. We all need a little help once in awhile to get us motivated. It looks great.

  4. Nice! I like the pattern idea too. This one has some pretty colors in it :-)

  5. I have all my blocks made for the same quilt, but in blues and yellows. Yours is lovely with all those rich colours.

  6. What a good way to finish more philanthropy quilts.