Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Love A Good Picture Book

Do you every find yourself perusing the children's area in a bookstore or library?  I do.  I love a good picture book.  One where the pictures transport you to far away places and capture your imagination. I recently discovered Show Way by Jacqueline  Woodson illustrations by Hudson Talbot.  
 I don't know if it's the history capture in the tale (I do love historical fiction)
 or the wonderful pictures containing wonderful pictures of another of my favorites, quilts.
 But I found it to be a delightful book.
And like all good books I just wanted to share it with you.


  1. I love a good picture book too! I have quite a collection of children's books featuring quilts. They make me happy and I loved reading them to my kids when they were little.

  2. I find picture books very inspiring too, and have often used them as quilt inspiration (and also to learn something quickly).