Monday, October 5, 2015

Chain Reaction

This weekend while listening to LDS General Conference I chain pieced blocks through my sewing machine.
In between sessions I cleaned out our cold storage.  I used to do a lot of canning when my children were little.  Now that two of them have moved out, one of which went through salsa like water, I no longer need to can as much.  So I decided to get rid of some canning jars.  I put them on a local online classified sight.  In no time at all I had sold them.  Glad they will help someone else.
The money I earned from this endeavor enabled me to purchase these to pots for our living room, Anna and I recently redecorated.
I also bought a can of spay paint to paint a wooden ladder to hand quilt on.  I have yet to get that done.  But when I do I will share it with you.  Hoping it turns out as well as it is in my head.


  1. I should get rid of some of my canning jars too. I don't do as much either with the kids all grown.

    Those blue pots look great on the hearth.

  2. Love the pots!
    Question: Hand quilt on or hang quilts on? If it is hand quilt on, you have to show us how you do it. :)

  3. I remember helping my mother can tomatoes, peaches, green beans and probably a few other things. Not a lot of fun.