Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Valley Fabric Shop

Every year on the way to our retreat my friends and I stop at Valley Fabric Shop located in Lyman Wyoming.  (Which just happens to be where my great grandparents homesteaded.)  Maybe they would have stayed had this cute little shop been there.  After all Great Grandma Ida was a quilter.  You may remember her quilt and the one I made to honor her.  Anyway I love this little shop and look forward to visiting it every year.  They have beautiful displays
 With cute and fun quilt quilts.
 Lots of great bags.  I loved the flowers on this one.  My friend, Lorri, bought one already made.  Forgot to get a picture of that one.
 All around the top of the store
 Is the cutest collection of
 Antique toy sewing machines.
 They are so fun to look at.
Don't you just love them?
If you are ever in Lyman make sure you stop by.  It is well worth the trip.

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  1. What a great looking shop!!! I love those antique cute.

  2. So fun to revisit the good quilt shops. I have a few I look forward to returning to once a yr myself.:)