Friday, January 30, 2015

Scrap Squad Farewell

I've enjoyed my time on the Scrap Squad.  I loved seeing how each of us did up each quilt.  They were all so different. taking on each persons personality.  I just love that about quilting.  Here is my rendition of Silver Lining found in the current issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  
I chose bright happy colors, which I almost always do.  They make my heart sing.  And in January my heart needs to sing the winter blues away.  I quilted clematis like flowers and leaves throughout the quilt.
And leaves in the border.
I'm gifting it to my newest niece, Lydia.  Who my sister thought might be a boy.  She didn't find out, after all there are far too few true surprises these days.  So I had this quilt made, also a Scrap Squad, to be prepared either way.
I'll miss working with the lovely ladies on the Scrap Squad.  Me and my scraps will continue to play.


  1. I love surprises when it comes to babies. It is a great quilt.

  2. I prefer baby surprises. I never wanted to know. A lovely gift for Lydia. Pretty name too.

  3. Was the Scrap Squad a temporary thing or do they use different people at different times?