Friday, October 17, 2014

A Little Happiness

On my walk this morning I passed a tree so full of birds it was singing.  First off it just made me smile.  Next it made me think of my Blue Bird Flour Sack quilt.  Slowly I've been finding little bits of time to work on this quilt.  I've appliqued all the flowers and leaves.
  I've even started quilting it.  I had all the applique quilted
 and had started on the background
 In fact I just had a little bit more to go.  That singing tree inspired me to get busy and finish it up.
 Here it is all quilted and ready for a binding.  I'm thinking a red so bring out the words on the flour sacks.
I might let the binding wait until next week.  I got a notice in the mail today that said my power will be out next Friday.  Binding this quilt may be a good activity since I will not need power to do it.  I'll look forward to it all week.


  1. Love it! The background is fabulous and your flowers just 'pop' in the foreground of it all.:)

  2. this is so beautiful. Love those appliqued flowers on the feed sacks. Great job! hugs, Julierose

  3. Now that is a little bit of happiness. I'd have to add charming as well.

  4. I totally agree with the idea of red binding. This is beautiful.

  5. Wow, a wonderful feedsack showcase! Well done!

  6. Great way to use those feedsacks and evoke all those memories!

  7. Very beautiful setting. Love the birds in the flowers.
    Great colors,