Friday, December 20, 2013

Ready for Adventure

 Being a mother of three boys has filled my life with adventure.  When they were little I remember them loading up their Little Tykes cars and pretending they were going across country to visit grandma.  When Alex was eight he got a compass for his birthday and he excitedly exclaimed, "Now I can find Antarctica!"   Yes, having boys has led to many adventures.  

So I was delighted when I saw the new fabric Detour by Riley Blake.  With  maps, suitcases, and the like it is the perfect fabric to create, World Traveler, a quilt ready for adventure.  
If your looking to sew up a little adventure of your own, hop on over to Riley Blake's Cutting Corners where you will find a tutorial on how to make this quilt.  I promise your little adventurer will be thrilled.


  1. Will this quilt be for one of the boys or as a remembrance for you?

  2. This looks like an easy quilt to make, and the fabric is a perfect choice. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Yes, boys do make life interesting!! Love the directional quilt.