Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep it Simple

My neighbor called me recently looking for donations for a service auction.  I told her I would make some hot pads.  I got out my graph paper and went to work.  You might remember that first attempt.  That it was less than successful, at least as far as creating a usable hot pad.  I then put off getting the hot pads done.  The day before I was to have them to my neighbor I realized I had better get busy.  So I needed to do something simple.  I found a fun fabric from my sister, Julie's Circa 1934 line in my stash.  I fussy cut it and added borders.
Used two layers of batting and (my mind has gone blank.  It's the batting you use for hot pads and such that has the bit of metal in it.  You can get it at JoAnn's.  Will someone help me out here?)  Any way I  put a layer of that in as well.  I didn't want anyone's fingers to get burned while using my hot pads.  I layered everything and quilted them.  Made a handle and bond everything together.  

I think they turned out well.  In fact I see more of these in my future.  

Christmas is fast approaching and I think they will make nice gifts.


  1. they are lovely. what size are they?

  2. Those are pretty, and I think you probably used Insulbright :D

  3. Give yourself credit. They are awesome. I made 20 one year for gifts. You can use any block design. scrappy crazy quilt blocks work great too.

  4. Those look just great, Em. They would make great gifts for Christmas.