Friday, September 27, 2013


I had a wonderful time last weekend sewing with friends.   I was able to finish up the blocks for my funfetti quilt.  A low volume version of my free for all quilt.  There are instructions on how to make it on my tutorial page.  I normally don't sew quilts together at retreats.  I have a hard time keeping my layout straight.  I know there are methods to doing this.  I have been shown them.  But somehow I always get things mixed up and then I end up with kissing cousins and so forth.  Kind of like the row of three there on the left side all the same.  I swear when I had it laid out on the floor I did not have this problem.  Despite this mistake I love the quilt.
My very generous friend Tonya brought scissor fabric for everyone and a couple of pajama patterns so we could all make pajama bottoms.  They were quick and easy to make.  By the end of the retreat we were all sporting them.

Aren't they cute?  Don't you wish you had a pair?
I'm pretty pleased with my finishes so I'm linking up with Sarah to give a big Whoop Whoop!


  1. I love the low volume version. So fun!!

  2. Funfetti is subtle in color and definitely FUN! Super fun jammies too.

  3. Low volume love! Funfetti is a great design, Em! Hope you don't mind if I share this, with a link back, on my facebook page at
    Also, pajama pants are my main staple attire around here!

  4. Nice funfetti quilt. I have all my little 4 patches made for my yellow and blue version and am not working with the 2 1/2 inch squares. I'm getting excited about the progress. I have posted about it on my blog, but am not revealing what the final quilt will look like.

  5. Love your low volume version of the pattern. What fun PJs :)

  6. Funfetti looks like a lot of fun! Hee Hee! I'm glad I checked out your tutorials. Looks like some interesting ideas.