Monday, August 26, 2013

I Wonder

Recently I was looking at old pictures with my grandma and we came across this one.
It is a picture of her older brothers and sisters on their first day of school getting on the school wagon.  On this first day of school I thought my how things have changed but still stayed the same.  As I sent my own children off to school today then went on a walk and say all the mothers walking with their elementary school children to school.  There was a buzz in the air and lots of pictures were being taken to commemorate this great day.  I wondered as I got home, showered and cleaned up if my great grandma felt as I do?  A mix of joy and sadness.  Did she think now I can get something done?
She was a great quilter.  I feel so blessed to have two of her quilts.  This one that I've reproduced into a pattern, Love Ida in her honor.

And this beautiful scrappy top.  
Grandma has told me stories of where she got fabric from.  I love hearing about her and her resourcefulness.  I wish I could have known her.  Sadly she died the year before I was born.  I am thankful for her heritage.  And I absolutely love this picture of her with her handiwork.
Isn't she amazing?
I hope as you send you kiddies off to school that first they have a great day and do well.  Second that you have a very productive day in your sewing room.


  1. How great to have that history in your family. It must be nice to have that tie to the past in your quilting.

  2. I love that picture. I think there is always excitment over the first day of school. This morning I sent my younget one off for his last first day of school and my second one off on a study abroad to Italy. You are right, sad to see them go, but I think I'll be super productive now. We'll see.
    I love those quilts, how lovely for you to have your grandmothers work.

  3. I'm sure that the first day of schiil thoughts are very similar throughout the years. It is met with sadness and joy by everyone.

    What a treasure to have the paper highlighting your grandmother!

  4. My dad still proudly displays one of his mother's quilts on the guest bed. It has several appliqued birds on a green background. My favorite quilt ever.