Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Granny Squares and More

I've been making these granny squares as a leader and ender project for the last couple of months.  Not really a good leader and ender project, but what I've been doing none the less.  I used this no waste method.
I'm getting a nice little collection and it won't be long before I have enough for a baby quilt.  I started out making the squares more scrappy but found I like them more uniform.  I will still use the scrappy ones.  I like the character it adds to the quilt.  

 Thanks to all the snow and now the single digit temperatures I'm getting lots of time to work on projects.  So not only are the number of granny squares growing I've finished my wonky garden top.  I'm now busy quilting leaves all around my little garden.  

Can't wait to share this finish with you :)  
Hope your staying toasty and finding lots of time to work on your projects.


  1. I love your blocks. I like the more uniform blocks too. Can't wait to see your finished Garden quilt. Hugs

  2. I know what you mean about the leader and ender thing. It seems to me that I pick a leader/ender and it starts to be my main project somehow. Love your granny squares.

  3. love those granny square blocks, the more matched ones would be my choice as well.

    I have a new contest today with quilt patterns as the prize. Visit to learn how to enter.

  4. Your blocks are lovely Em...very toasty here, 40....LOL

  5. Love your granny blocks. And I can't wait either for the finish of your Garden quilt.

  6. Your granny squares look great. I've yet to try them so thanks for the no waste instructions. I like the uniform ones with a few scrappy ones thrown in to mix it up.