Friday, November 9, 2012

Dreamy Finish on a Dreamy Day

It's a snowy day.  The kids in junior high car pool were complaining.  They were not ready for winter. Obviously since some of them are still wearing shorts.  My cheerful 'how can you not love winter?' was not well received.  But I do love winter!  I think snow is beautiful, cocoa is yummy, and having no weeds to pull and lots of time to quilt is dreamy.
Speaking of dreamy I  have the perfect finish for this snowy day.  My Creamy Dreamy Quilt is finished.  I put in the last of the binding stitches yesterday.  I quilted clouds all over it.

And now it's in my rocking chair waiting for me, a cup of cocoa and a good book.  
Yes, winter is dreamy indeed.

Linking up with Sarah today.  Check out what other dreamy quilts have been created this week.


  1. I'm not a Winter lover but that quilt is as beautiful as a snowy day. Enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Enjoy your book and cocoa!

  3. Love the Creamy Dreamy quilt! As for the snow I love it when I'm on the inside looking out - LOL!

  4. Oh, Em, that's gorgeous!! It does make me think of snow and cocoa and great soft fluffy pillows and a good book!! Can't wait to make my own low volume quilt...

  5. Lovely quilt. You have inspired me to NOT put sashing on any more improv blocks and just rock the colour!

  6. What a perfect quilt for a snow day and a cup of hot cocoa. Creamy Dreamy is a great name for it.