Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scrap Happy Summer~ Pillow Talk

Do you remember sleepovers?  Sleeping in the backyard under the stars?  Giggling and talking into the wee hours of the night?  While I treasure my sleep too much for such things now.  I guess I'm getting old.  Scrappy pillows speak to me.  Here are a few I found recently that I thought you might like.
First up is this scrappy Kiss pillow from Debbie of Esch House.  Use her great tute to make your own.
                              Kiss Pillow
And there are these sweet X's by Kristy of St Louis Folk Victorian.  I love them.  In fact I'm so glad I found them and her sight, she does beautiful work.  Make sure you check it out.
Then there's this scrappy beauty form Freckled Beauties.  Don't you just love all the fabrics she used?
                              Pillow Talk Swap 3
Look at this combo of fun scrappy pillows by Sew Me Something Good.  She just randomly sewed scraps together and made this.  Aren't they great!!!!
                              Trio of patchwork cushions from scraps
I really like this elongated one by Valerie.  I see a quilt in these colors for Alex's room and maybe a few of these to throw on the bed
                               Pillow cover
 Or these little beauties by Liz, a very talented lady, make sure you check out her site.  
 Well, all this eye candy is making me want to start sewing pillows with abandon.So I'm off to see what the scrap bin and my muse can create.


  1. Oh wow!!! Those are such great pillows. Scraps are wonderful!

  2. This is a great selection of pillows! Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

  3. I love the inspiration you've collected for making scrappy pillows. Makes me want to sew some more.

    Thanks so much for including my trio in this lovely line-up of scrappy goodness!