Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stitch in Color

I have always love Malka's beautiful hand dyed fabrics.  They are so bright and happy.  I'm thrilled that Moda has taken them and made the Stitch in Color line.  I did a happy dance when I was able to get my hands on some and play with it.  First I made a little baby quilt.  I think these bright bold prints are perfect for a baby quilt.  Especially for a little boy.  Now I just need to find a baby boy. 
Then I made some braids, that I turned into banners.  Placed them on a rock wall.  Well, sorta, I quilted a rock wall into the fabric and Banners of Color was born. 

Thanks Malka for designing this fun fabric.  I've so enjoyed playing with it.


  1. Those are wonderful, bright colors. I'll have to check them out. We may be having a baby boy any day now that I can use it on. ;)

  2. Very pretty! I've got a charm pack of it, too - can't wait to play with it!!

  3. I love the baby quilt. The orange on grey looks great!

  4. I love her fabrics too - these quilts are just wonderful, Em!