Monday, May 9, 2011

Find the Good

If you've read my blog for very long you know I believe quilters to be some of the most generous people. When they see a need the jump in both feet first and do their best to relieve that need.
Modern Relief Win!By the girlwhoquilts
So when Flightin from my Twist on Tradition bee mentioned that she needed help spreading the word about a quilt that she is giving away in exchange for a donation to Japan as Modern Relief.
{Modern} ReliefBy Quilt Dad
I decided to use today's Find the Good to spotlight a few of the Modern Relief quilts.
Pat Sloan Modern Relief Japan Lunar moonBy Pat Sloan
Some real beauties that are being used to make the world a better place.
{Modern}Relief-JapanBy Isaacsmama
So pop on over to her sight and see the beautiful quilt and jelly roll she has to offer and if you can make a donation to Modern Relief.
Ginger Blossom Quilt for { Modern } ReliefBy twinfibers
Thanks and have a great day!


  1. All wonderful examples! Beautiful.

  2. So many different quilts, all fantastic!

  3. Great examples Em! Wonderful quilts! 8-)

  4. Beautiful quilts for a great cause!

  5. Those quilts are fantastic. What a great group. How nice.

  6. Great quilts for a great cause!