Monday, February 7, 2011

Find The Good

February is a wonderful month dedicated to sweethearts.
Valentine Collage
To expressing love to those that are most special to us.

Love Fabric Postcard

By Freeze Frame03

Wheather that be with hugs and kisses.

All You Need Is Love

By Kelbysews

Flowers and chocolate.

Valentine Quilt

By Melodylynn128

Or romantic dinners and love notes.


By Hectichousehold

However you express your love, make sure the ones that mean the most to you know it. After all unexpressed gratitude does no good. In fact it's the same as ingratitude.

That being said, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments and hope you have a 'LOVE'ly February.


  1. (Barf sounds) Oh yeah. . . I guess love is in the air! haha

  2. Normally I hate Valentine's day but I'm in love with these quilts - especially the first one!!!

  3. I love these! Beautiful work!

  4. Sweet post, nice assortment of love-ly things! And good words to live by! I think we can all use this reminder once in a while!

  5. What a sweet, thought-full post! I love all you shared and found them filled with the feeling of love. Such delightful bloggers. And I have to share - the last one from Hectichousehold is really dreamy.

  6. A 'Lovely' February to you too Em!
    These quilts are all precious. Thanks for sharing.