Monday, January 3, 2011

Find the Good

I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. Now is the time for reflection. To look at all the pieces of our life and decide how we will go about making them better. It's time for New Years resolutions. Have you set yours yet?
Are you looking to get out of debt and to save more money this year? That is one of our family's goals. So I'm planning lots of scrap quilts. Their my favorite anyway. And since I've already purchased the fabric they will not hurt our budget.
{ hi. i am clown vomit. }
By Philistine made
Maybe your goal is to lose a little weight. Another goal I should have. How about a reward system for this one, like a fabric fat quarter for every pound of fat lost. That just might motivate me. An a fat quarter here and there should not hurt my budget.
scrappy pinwheel playmat
by I'm a Ginger Monkey
Maybe you want to work on improving your relationships. I'm hoping to involve my family is a big project I have in the works. My N is going to make part of it his eagle project. Hopefully before the year is out all three of my boys will be eagle scouts. Now that would be awesome.
Scrappy Disappearing Nine Patch Finished Stained Glass Version
by Audrey Pawdrey
Maybe you want to learn something new, a quilting method you have yet to try, a new skill to help you in your work, a new language, oh the list is endless. This world has so many wonderful things to learn about.
Crazy and scrappy
Whatever you New Year's resolution. I wish you success.
Here's to a wonderful 2011.


  1. I love looking at all of the scrap quilts. They are just lovely.

    Three sons making it to Eagle Scout would be such a fantastic achievement.

    Have a wonderful year.

  2. Great pictures Em. I want to work more with scrap quilts in 2011 so thank you for the ideas!

  3. What a cute way to showcase good goals. Yayy 2011

  4. Love all that scrap quilt eye candy! I've made my resolutions and have tried to set things up so that I will be successful. I love the fresh, starting over feeling I have. I am excited about 2011!

  5. Terrific post! The only problem is when I see all these great quilts I want to make them ALL. Maybe my resolution should be to focus on one thing.

  6. Love your post! Wonderful scrappy quilts! I'm working on my first one, and enjoying the mindless of it along with a few harder projects.

  7. Like many others I have goals for the year...mostly personal ones. Some I have already begun, others will require a little more time before I begin. But getting more quilts made from UFOs is a big one! blessings, marlene

  8. Wow, Em, I love that idea of rewarding yourself with a fat quarter for every pound of fat you lose!! That could almost make me put weight loss on my resolutions list! As it is, most of my new year's resolutions involve getting my quilt ministry more organized. Thanks for all the pretty quilt eye candy!!

  9. An interesting idea to reward a fat quarter for a fat quarter lost- I will have to think about that one...

    I love all your beautiful scrap quilts- they all have lovely fabrics and make me smile just looking at all those terrific colors.

    Thanks for sharing..
    Warmest regards,

  10. Great scrap quilts Em!!!
    Good luck in all your 2011 plans!! 8-)