Monday, November 15, 2010

Find The Good

After a family discussion on being grateful. And how being grateful helps us in our lives. I've decided to make Mondays, Find the Good Day.
Now the weather is changing here. It's getting dark earlier and the tempature is dropping. We are heading into one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, I love winter. One of my favorite things about winter is having hot cocoa. Wrapping my hands around a warm mug and sipping the chocolate sweetness make me smile. So for my first Find the Good Day I've chosen mug rugs. They combine two of my favorite things, quilts and cocoa. So...
Wake up
Get a cup of cocoa
By beccaj74
Prepare yourself for a treat.
by mamacjt
Of lovely things
by AllieKatmom And go find the good in the world.

By lynnesetaLet me know what you find!


  1. What a great idea. I think that too many people in this world concentrate on the negatives and don't delight in the positives. I try and find the silver lining in every cloud I come across.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Ooooooh sure! All my awesome mug rugs and you can't include one of mine???? Huh???? LOL

    I'm totally bummed that we're heading into winter. But I totally enjoyed laying in bed this morning listening to the wind blow. I'm totally not looking forward to going out in it, but I love listening to it!

    My good for today is that I have one child with a complete, and ready to turn in, science fair project! Hoooo boy those are a lot of work! Sadly the other twin, who is off track right now, starts his in two weeks. Oy!

  3. PS what is your flickr name? I've probably been around you all this time and didn't even know it was you!

    I'm scrapnchick

  4. oh how sweet! yes, I need to readjust my Monday feelings, thank you!!

  5. Great idea! I think we could all use a Monday appreciation day.

    I am so loving all of the mug rugs that I am seeing these days. Sooo cute.

  6. Lovely choices there! I've decided to make my very first mug rugs as Christmas gifts this year. I'm looking forward to them!

    The ones you've shown here are quite inspirational!

    ~ Meagan

  7. These are all beautiful. I need to make some mug rugs.

  8. Your mug rugs are so cute. I have made some but only in stripes. I will have to try something a little bit more complicated. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the elves.

  9. A wonderful reminder of what is important! We all need to be reminded every so often! Thanks Em! 8-)
    Darling mug rugs...

  10. I Love these mug rugs! How cute they all are.

  11. Great idea! I needed this inspiration today...the mug rugs are just too cute!

  12. Amazingly creative. Love love these. How cute. I need to make some!!

  13. So cute - all of them. I love your fabric and coordinating fabrics in the prior post.

  14. If it were Monday I would be saying those polka dot cups are outstanding and make me very happy....thank the Lord for eyesite and whimsy...and your blog too.....good work on teaching your kids good lessons