Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh What an adventure

We had quite an adventure this week. It was my children's spring break. Well at least the younger three, unfortunately Alex's was two weeks ago so he couldn't come on our little adventure. We went to Southern Utah to visit my parents. We hiked the petrified sand dunes in Snow Canyon.
Spent a day in Zion's Nation Park. Where the boys hiked Angels Landing. I'm scared of heights and have a bad knee so DD and I did Emerald pools, the river walk, and Weeping Rock.

Thursday we went to Baker Dam where we rode motorcycles and canoed.

Then to top off this wonderful week my parents gave me THIS for my birthday.

Which isn't for a couple of weeks but they didn't know if they would be coming up north between now and my birthday so I got it early. I was squealing and doing the happy dance from the moment I saw the carrying case. Aren't my parents awesome!
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  1. YES....your parents are awesome and they really KNOW you. What a fabulous gift!

    It sounds like it was a terrific vacation. I love the glory of Bryce Canyon. I am sure the kids had a memorable spring break.

  2. What a wonderful vacation!! Beautiful sites to see. A terrific birthday too! Your parents know just what you like! Happy Birthday to you!!

  3. What a fun trip. We visited Zions years ago and had a wonderful time hiking and enjoying the scenery. I remember the weeping wall. It was very cool. What an awesome gift from your parents! Very exciting!!

  4. I love southern Utah beautiful country looks like you had a great time.

  5. what a fun trip and oh boy how exciting for you!!!!!!
    a featherweight !
    Happy Birthday

  6. What a fantastic gift to receive! Early Happy Birthday to you.

    Your spring break pictures look like so much fun and great memories for your family.

  7. Oh Em! What a great time y'all had. You live in the perfect place to raise a family. I love these photos. They reflect a whole lot of family fun and memories. I smile. :)

    Now, as for that beauty you have resting there from the parents - well friend - ROCK ON! Happy birthday, congratulations, and oh my I'm so excited. yeah! yeah! yeah! Em. Much love, *karendianne.

  8. Awesome? Definitely! And so is that featherweight. An early Happy Birthday girlfriend!

  9. How neat! We are talking of going to Moab this summer, but now I want to go to Zion, too.

    Happy early birthday! That present looks fantastic.

  10. Happy Birthday you lucky girl!!

  11. That looks like a fun trip! And happy birthday to you - what a great present

  12. Every November, we take the kids up to Zion National Park. It is fall for us! We love those same walks. On my life, I would never be as brave as those boys. Beautiful, isn't it?

    Happy belated birthday!