Monday, April 26, 2010

A Little Further Down the Road

I watched How to Make an American Quilt this weekend. I was disappointed. Making a quilt is such a wonderful thing. A process that unites bits and pieces to create something lasting and beautiful. And while the quilt they created was beautiful the movie should have been called How to make a Dysfunctional Family. Sorry if you liked it.
I've been working on the process of my own quilts this weekend. Not that that is anything new. I'm always working on a quilt. But I moved these beauties a little further down the road.

I pieced a back for my maverick star.
I thought these little men in spaceships (Cogsmo by Cosmo Cricket) was perfect. Thank you Julie for the wonderful fabric. So good to have a sister that designs fabric.
I basted it with safety pins and started quilting. Just a simple stipple all over. I'm hoping to finish the quilting today.
Then I'll baste my string quilt that I pieced this back for. I'm hoping for a lot of finishes this week.
I've got so many quilts hanging on hangers just waiting to be quilted and bound. It's definitely time to put in the effort to get a few finishes. I know it will be so worth it.

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  1. I seem to remember thinking the same thing about that movie. Hope you get lots done this week!

  2. Little men in spaceships. How cute!

  3. Ahh yes finishing gives me a thrill! So does starting something new! <>

  4. I agree with you Em about the movie..
    Nice to get quilts finishes..and yours are so close to will be worth it!
    Julia ♥

  5. The thing that bothered me about the movie was when she wore to quilt outside and dragged it along the ground. You are so close to finishing a lot of quilts! Way to go! I love the maverick star!

  6. I just love those little men in spaceships! So fun!

  7. Em, that movie was a bummer I thought. Agreed!

    Finishes to come- yeah. I love seeing your fabrics that you'll be using for backs. Creative and fun as always. That's just YOU!

  8. That is great fabric. You 2 girls are both winners. I hate movies like that. Kind of like a bad lifetime movie. Ick. I tend to go for the oldies, they disappoint less.

  9. I know, the title doesn't fit this movie at all.
    Wish I could just get to the point of my quilt hanging on hangers without starting something else.
    Love the fabric for the back.

  10. It's almost like you are a one-woman factory!! Love seeing them all! I never saw the movie and I'm glad I didn't. I'd rather see a bunch of aliens or monsters than dysfunctional families.