Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World Traveler

Pack your bags, big

and small. We're going on a trip around the world. By boat

By car. Oh the sights we'll see and the fun we will have. :)

When my sister gave me some of her Snorkel fabric and then I saw Riley Blake's Wheels this idea popped into my head. I had so much fun playing with these fabrics, and jumbo ric rac (how can you not love jumbo ric rac?)
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  1. These quilts are wonderful. Really love the colours and definitely the cuteness... what are you going to do with them and how big are they?

  2. Love this pattern, one of my faves

  3. I love them. Especially the boat one. 'A World Cruise' LOL

  4. Beautiful. I love rick rack too, the bigger the better.

  5. Oh Em, this is completely darling! Your stitch applique is fantastic. I love how sweet and creative this is and oddly enough I was looking at some of that rick rack at the Fat Quarter Shop the day before yesterday wondering to myself "what would a person use that for?"

    Now I know!

  6. That is such a cute idea for a little trip around the world quilt.

    I also love your check book cover and followed the link and printed it out. I am going to have to make me one of these and probably one for some friends too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creative talent so freely!

  7. OMG those couldn't be any more wonderful!

  8. What a perfect pattern for those fabrics. Really cute and love the use of the jumbo ric-rac. Really like that car fabric with the little vw vans.

  9. These are adorable! I have a TATW quilt that I was planning on appliqueing modes of travel, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.