Saturday, October 24, 2009

And the Winner is....

First thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway. Next, pictures of the winnings.
Pattern to make a quilt sure to please the rough and tumble boys in your life
And as a bonus there is a little girl patten included.
Just wanted to make sure everyone was happy. Then all the fun fabric to make the quilt.
Thanks Julie
Now the moment you've been waiting for...
Drum roll please...
Who said, "That quilt is simply adorable Em! That is a great boarder fabric! Pulls it all together quite nicely... 8-)Pick me! Pick me! 8-)Happy stitchings!
Myra if you want to send me your snail mail I'll get your prize in the mail.
If you didn't win and would like to play with Julie's fabric making this quilt go here.
Thanks again for playing,


  1. Congrats to Myra! She is one lucky lady.

  2. OH Wow!!!! I feel like I've hit the jackpot Em!!! Thank you so much for picking my name!!! This is great!!! I feel sooooo lucky!!! Woohoo!!!! I should go and buy a lotto ticket now!!!

    I shall email you my snail addy right away...

  3. Congratulations to Myra. I hope she shows us a picture of her finished quilt soon.

  4. Hi how did you let me get sooo behind on what you are doing over here? Lots of goodies...I'm ga-ga over your Snips and Cogs...and you 'dun good'
    on your new logo!!

  5. Congratulations to Myra! Lucky girl!

  6. Thanks Em's readers! I'm so excited... 8-)