Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bigger is Better vs. Less is More

While emailing back and forth with Joyce about her newest and very wonderful creation. You must go check it out. Joyce is a very creative and talented lady. She mentioned she is thinking of doing some thread painting on it. She wanted to use her quilting machine because it is easier to do free motion on but, this piece is small for an 8 foot machine. What's a girl to do?

This got me thinking. I live with a lot of boys. And no one needs to be told they think totally differently than girls. One of these differences is a great debate at our house. My husband and boys are of the belief that bigger is better. As witnessed by the purchase of our new t.v. remote. The old one is on the left. The new one is 6" wide and at least a foot long. They all think this is sooooo cool. Go figure. Hubby points out that this one will not get lost. He may have a point. But the smaller one only got lost in the cushions of the couch. (Another difference between men and women.) Some how I could always find the remote in the cushions a skill not found in the men at my house. Why is that? My family thinks that if they can't find something all they need to do is find mom. She'll know where it is. It comes as quite a shock to them when I say I don't know. Like I wear their shoes or jackets or use their various electronic devices and know where they were last taken off or placed. Hello? If they are lucky I have seen it while going about my day and can offer some suggestions as to where to look.

Anyway back to the bigger is better vs. less is more debate. I'm of the belief that less is more. Less stuff, less clutter, less work for me= more room, more free time. YEA! I send hubby to the store for salad and he comes home with a 5 lb. bag cause it was cheaper per pound. I try to point out that if half of it goes bad before we eat it was it really cheaper? Once we had a small leak by a vent in our roof. Hubby bought a 5 gallon bucket of tar to patch that little leak. He didn't want to run out and have to go back to the store. I think he could have put it over the whole roof and still had some to spare. As it sits now we have a lifetime supply not only for us but all our children.

I know there are times when bigger is better. I was sure thankful for big boys and their big tools last spring when we redid the kitchen. The bigger 18" tiles sure went down a lot faster than the smaller 12" would have. So what is your take. Is bigger is better or is less is more the way to go?


  1. Good question - I would say less is more, but then there are those times......

  2. This post was funny and I really enjoyed it! I laughed out loud when I read that your hubby bought a 5 lb bucket of tar to fix a little leak.

  3. Interesting post. I agree that bigger is not always better. Especially when it comes to groceries. But I certainly would like a bigger sewing room, more fabric, more patterns, & more time!

  4. It's funny that we have that same big remote but nobody can get it to work so it sits there taking up space. If I do my thread painting on the big machine I'll take a picture for you. Lol.

  5. Speaking of bigger is better... Hubby wants to by a "big" TV for the basement, but it would have to go on the FAR wall in the rec-room, beyond the pool table... Now what is the sense of that I say!?! I think it is just so he can say we have it!!! Duh!

    As for men loosing things... When asked where hubby's things are I say, "well, that last time I wore that (his clothing, his backpack), used that (his keys, his wallet, his glasses)... was never!!!" Gets him frustrated... hehehehe...

    Less is more... Only hubby and I live here now, but when I send him out to buy some groceries, he comes back with the amounts we used to buy when the kids lived here... what is up with that!?!

  6. Guess it all depends on what you are talking about. We raised four sons and I do know about Mom knowing where everything is when lost. LOL.

  7. got thinking about less is more, bigger is better idea you posted...I agree with you a lot when it comes to groceries especially since we are empty nesters and we find we throw out a lot of stuff...for instance, we don't eat a lot of bread so a loaf often goes stale (or moldy) before we finish it...it is hard to find small loaves and when one does, they seem to be more expensive...figure that!

    As for less... a few good special friends is better than a bunch of acquaintances.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. I guess husbands and kids are the same everywhere. As the 'mom' of the house I am always expected to know where everything is. And usually I do. For me less is better! But not when it comes to anything quilt related. Then the sky is the limit and more is the best!

  9. Bigger is only better when it comes to something I'm interested in! :) When it's something for the guys, I'm all for smaller! Just kidding... kind of!

  10. So funny...and I can definitely relate. You should have seen my son when I told him he could use my cell phone until he got a new one (he lost his). He said it was a "girly" phone, so little he could not even hold on to it.

  11. Oh Em! LOL Huge sympathies. I get the "I can't find my other school shoe!" fom son. Now you would've thought it would be somewhere near it's pair wouldn't you? Boys! :-)

    Congratulations on losing another 1/4! Well done from what I've read weight loss does slow down so don't be discouraged. You're on the right track.

    As for "bigger is better?" I would say that as far as fabric stash goes yes, as far as laundry goes a big no. Can you tell I am going through my blog roll in between dealing with laundry? :-)

  12. I totally identify with everything said here. Less is always more for me and bigger is not better... with exceptions of course. Just like most of life.

    When it comes to finding things, I ask my girls did they do a 'Mummy' look or a 'Daddy' look. Mummy actually looks by moving things, opening cupboards and drawers etc., while Daddy just stands there and looks. Anyone else find that?

    Hope the dr has good news.