Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reverse Sewing

Sorry no quilt pics today. My son used the camera last night to take pictures of his half pipe. The one he and his brothers built while their dad was in the emergency room with complications from his ruptured appendix. No joke. We pulled out of the garage at 8 in the morning and when I came home at 6:30 that night there was no pulling in the garage. This was in it.
Can you believe they built this. One neighbor said 'They probably figured it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission saw their oppurtunity and went for it.' Another said 'Well there are lots worse things they could have been doing while you and your husband were gone.'

Anyway this morning I can't find the camera. And since this son is gone right now, pictures will have to wait.
I spent most of my sewing time yesterday ripping out seams. I was working on my newest project. The one I showed in Planned or Not. I would get things put together, not like the way the colors were working and rip it out. I know I should have layed it out on the design wall before sewing but I often lose pieces if I don't have them in blocks before I lay them out. Then when I finally got the color sceem right. I noticed that some of the blocks were wrong. See in trying not to reverse sew I thought I could just flip the block to change the order of the colors. Wrong, although the different colors continued their flow the background went veritcal instead of horizontal. Of course I only noticed this after I had sewed a row together. So more reverse sewing. But all is well now. The blocks are fixed and half of the rows are sewn together. And when we find the elusive camera I will show you.
Have a great day! Happy Sewing!


  1. hope husband is recovering well... Never occured to my son to comendeer the garage for his skateboarding -- thankfully. THough your neighbors are right, there are many worse things the kids could be into, and they were productive!

    Hope the reverse sewing is coming to an end and changing direction soon :-)

  2. Oh no for your husband...hope he is doing ok.

    LOL..your boys were quite ingenious, huh? I was not sure what they had built until I ready Quilt Pixie's post.

    Find that camera so we can see your quilt!

  3. {{{hugs and prayers}}} for your DH.

    And Kudo's to the boys, at least they know how to do math! =0) Although using math to create a death trap maybe not such a good idea LOL