Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Talented Friends II

This is a charity quilt our guild made. At Christmas we make these bingo blocks, one row green, one row blue, the center row is pink and purple with black in the center, then one red row, and one yellow/orange row. We play bingo with the blocks then donate them to make charity quilts. I put this one together, Lou made the back, the Lovely Joan quilted it, and Marlene bond it.
This is a charity quilt Marlene made.
She also made this.
And this
And this. They are for her grandaughters.

This is Denise's beautiful work.
As is this one.
And this one. Denise is a speedy sewer. She always has several tops she brings to show and tell each month.
This is Karen's quilt for her son.
This lady was new to our guild. So sorry I can't remember her name. I look forward to getting to know her.
And look at the wonderful birthday gift the guild gave me. The best sushi I ever had. They're little rolls of fabric. Clever!


  1. Happy birthday! Love the fabric rolls!! The Bingo blocks are GREAT, well done!

  2. How fun!
    Can you tell me more about your quilt guild? What do you do? Is there a cost? How often do you meet, and do they kick you out if you only make one quilt a year? LOL

  3. Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing the pictures from your guild. It is always fun to see quilts that others have made.

  4. Happy Birthday Em....all the Quilts are just lovely some very talented ladies in your guild.

  5. Love the DO have talented friends!

  6. what beautiful quilts! I love the fabric sushi, too. that is clever.