Monday, April 24, 2017

Moving It Forward

I've had such a pleasant time playing in my scraps. There is just something about leftover bits of fabric that speaks to my heart. Memories from past projects and the challenge of making something from those bits what's not to love? 
I not only made these blocks. But these scrappy log cabin like blocks.
 Another great thing about playing with scraps; your get the prettiest garbage.
Now it's your turn what have you been up to in the sewing room? What are you moving forward?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Finishing up

Last time I showed this quilt it was a flimsy. Now it'a quilted and bond. I love all the scrappy happiness in this quilt. The stars are leftovers from this quilt, that was also a scrap quilt. You know your a scrap quilter when you make scrap quilts from the scraps of a scrap quilt. I didn't have a real plan for them but while organizing some pre cut scraps this idea came to me. I'm pretty pleased with the results.
I quilted it on the diagonal through the rows. I used leaves, they are easy for me. Then tried the starburst in the stars. 
This next quilt is a group effort. It was made at my Quilty Hug Sew Ins. Sue cut it out. Shelly pieced it. 
I quilted with simple organic lines. Finally Sherri bond it. I like it's simplicity and fell it will work for a man. I often worry I don't make enough masculine Quilty Hugs. I need to work on that.

 After posting last week I made it to the fabric shop for matching thread and got this little wonder bond. I'm glad I held out for the matching thread. I love the way the orange binding sets off the quilt.
Dahlia pattern
Feeling pretty productive with this weeks results. Even if they were mostly done to begin with.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Piece and Love

I spent a lovely afternoon playing in my scraps. Oh, how I love spending time with my scraps. They always play so nice. I made me a bunch of nine patches and then a few string blocks. 
I also found a little time for a fun photo shoot with my All Natural Patchouli Soap. Despite my best efforts I still get dandelions in my yard. To make the best of this not so great situation I picked a bunch and made a fun peace sign to go around my soap. 
My hubby thinks I'm crazy, but since he calls me his hippy wife, I thought it fitting.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial~ Different Size Blocks

I really like to play with scale in my quilts. Taking the same block and using it in different sizes can add interest. It may look difficult but it's really quite easy. 
 The secret is to use blocks with common multiples. My Bear Scraps quilt uses blocks with multiples of 3 (ie 3, 6, 9) This scrap busting log cabin uses 6" and 12" blocks. You could also do 5" and 10". You get the idea.
A little more difficult are my Plan B quilts. 
 Made from blocks intended for other quilts.  Test blocks because sometimes it's a good idea to make sure everything fits before you commit.  Orphan blocks, because some blocks are so fun you get carried away.  Mistakes, not failures, but lessons learned.  Healing blocks made by friends.  And scraps because when life falls to pieces remember there is always plan B.  And life is all about how you handle plan B.
These quilts use up all sizes of blocks. I like to put similar sized blocks together, add strips to build up blocks that are slightly smaller. 
 Pat Sloan has a tutorial for her method that is helpful.
These are fun quilts to make, kind of like a puzzle. If you haven't made one I would recommend it. My orphan bin is getting full. I think it's time for me to make another one. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving it Forward

I'm so happy to share my row in Cheryl's Neighborhood row quilt. I live about a block from the local elementary school. While working in my gardens I often hear the sound of children playing during their recess. I just love that sound. So I knew I had to have a school and children in my row.
 To get the pattern for this row and the rest of the rows in this friendly, happy quilt visit Cheryl's blog.
I changed my mind with my weaving. I thought I would be making a bohemian style purse, but I didn't like how it was looking with my warp. So I undid what I had done and decided a spring table runner would be better with my warp. Here is my progress so far.
That's what I've been moving forward this last week. Now it's your turn. Show us your progress. I love watching you projects grow.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dahlias and Marigolds

I was hoping to finish this quilt yesterday. I'm calling it Dahlia. I used to grow dinner plate dahlias when we lived in Oregon. For some reason this block reminds me of them.
I got the quilting done. Trimmed it to put the binding one.
  Just in time to fix dinner. Darn, my family thinks they need to eat.
 After dinner I went to cut and sew on the binding only to find that I didn't have matching thread. Grrr! I'll be of to the fabric shop for thread latter.
In addition to growing dahlias I also grow marigolds in my garden. I harvested petals last fall to make this soap. Good Morning is a blend of oils infused with annatto seeds and calendula (aka marigolds) to create a sunny yellow soap scented with citrus and mint. It is in my shop now.
Linking up with Sarah, Amanda and Cynthia

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial ~ Strips and Strings

While cleaning out my sewing room I found several bins with strips. I intended to only have two, one for brights and one for cozy colors. Since I had more than would fit in the two bins I went on a hunt for quilts to use a few of these up.
I've made many string quilts. They are fun, easy and scrap friendly.  I found several ideas and tutorials on my search so I thought I would share today.
 My method for making this string friendly quilt is here.
 Ann at Fret Not Yourself and Kaja of Sew Slowly have been having a coin quilt challenge. Make sure to visit there are lots of inspiring quilts and ideas to use up your strips.
 I made this quilt for Moda Bake shop.
 And Tia Curtis has this video with three variations.
And finally this braid quilt. You can find the pattern here.