Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial~ On Point

I really like to put quilts on point. The look really appeals to me. I like the look so much that when we tiled our home I had them put it on point. 
Mary's Garden
 It does involve a little math though. This math is based on the Pythagorean theorem. Which when I was in school I thought I would never use and thus did not pay much attention to. Not until helping my oldest with his math did I find the true value of this great theorem.
 It states that squaring the two legs of a triangle and adding them together equals the hypotenuse squared. In other words  a2 + b2 = c2
Mountain Retreat
 When setting a quilt on point your legs are the same. 2a² =c²  round up to the nearest measurement on your ruler. Then add 1" for seam allowance. Cut a square this size and cut on diagonal twice. This will give you your setting triangles. Example if your block finishes at 6". 2x6²= c²  If you do the math you will get √72. This equals 8.49. Round to 9 and add your 1 3/4". Which gives you 10 3/4". Cut an 10 3/4" square and cut it on diagonal twice.
 For your corners you go in reverse as the hypotenuse is our known number and we are trying to find our legs. c² = 2a². Using the same 6 would be c. So 6²= 2a². Which gives us 36 that we then divide by 2 giving us √18. Which equals 4.24. Round to 4.25 and add 1" for seam allowance. So cut a 5 1/4" square cut on diagonal once.
 I understand that for some of you math may not be your strong point. No worries. Bonnie Hunter has a chart that gives sizes of blocks along with setting and corner triangles here. Sorry if I confused you with all the math but I like to know why and how things work and thought there might be a few of you out there that would too.
Mountain Blossoms
 Just a heads up next week we will have a link up and giveaway.  If you have used a tutorial you have found here be prepared to link up and win a chance for your choice of one of my patterns in pdf format.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Moving It Forward

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy hand work. Do the big stitch on my most recent project reminded me. So I pulled out my hexie stars and made a couple of stars and added them in addition to adding a few more hexies. It's getting so big it's getting a little difficult to fit it in a picture. 
It's over 30" in each direction. I'm going to have to decide soon how big I really want it. Also how I want to finish the edges. Any suggestions?
Now it's your turn. What were you able to move forward?

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Finish and A Toy

 I had seen this as a block on pintrest and wanted to give it a try. So I cut a lot of strips, I mean a lot. I probably have enough for 30 more quilts. Yes I got a little carried away. Grant it I thought I would make this bigger, then changed my mind. I started it at a retreat with friends you can read about that here.
Last weekend my hubby found a new toy he wanted to go look at and wanted me to tag along. It was going to be a bit of a drive so I thought I'd use the time to finish up the big stitch in the center of this. I got most of it done on the ride. Then finished the rest while watching a movie on Netflix.
 Getting it this far got me excited to finish it. I took my sons' dart board and used it as a template to make a large circle around the big stitch. I machine quilted around it and then continued making concentric circles until the whole thing was quilted. I'll be linking up with Sarah and Cynthia to celebrate this little finish.
And here is my hubby's new toy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scrappy Bear Paw Sew Along

Summer is almost over. I noticed on my walk they are painting all the school crossings. In addition to school starting next week we will also be finishing up our Scrappy Bear Paw Quilts. Here is mine minus the borders.
 It was hard to get a full view. A flimsy is just too thin for my hangers and it just slips through so I draped it over the fence. Here is a somewhat skewed view on the grass.
How are you coming on your's? We'll have a link up in a few weeks so if your a little behind you have a little time. Schedule here. Pattern on the side bar.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial ~ Partial Seams

 Sometimes in quilting not everything fits in a nice grid pattern.
Twisted posy
 Fortunately that is okay, quilters are resourceful, we can think outside the box; applique, y seams and partial seams are all examples of this.
Naughty Garden
 As the next step in the Scrappy Bear Paw has partial seams I thought it fitting to do a tutorial on just that today.
Crazy Love
Place your two pieces together that will make the partial seam and sew about 3/4 of the way down the shorter side.
 Next sew the adjoining piece to the side next to the partial seam.

 Once you open this up you will have what you need to continue the seam.
I like to pin this and then overlap my seam a little and continue sewing the seam.
 This method allows you to put blocks together that are not all the same size in a manner similar to this in addition to the other quilts posted here. Let me know if you have questions. I realized while writing this tutorial that the pictures I took during the process may not have given the clearest methodology. If there is a lot of confusion I may revisit this with different pictures.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Moving It Forward

I often piece my backs. I like to use any leftovers from the front. It tends to keep my scrap bins from overflowing. Well, sort of, they still seem to get pretty full. This is my newest pieced back. It has a few orphan blocks, leftover bits from strip piecing units, and the remaining layer cake squares. 
 I was pleased that I used up all but a small strip and one layer cake square. I can't show you the front just yet but I was able to get it basted and quilted. I wanted to keep with an oriental theme. So I used this echoing motif in the center.
 Then lotus flowers and bamboo in the borders. Still working to perfect my free motion quilting. I feel I did a good job on choosing motifs with this. That is usually where I struggle. I still need to work on being more uniform with shapes. They are definitely a little wonky.
 Now it's your turn. Let's see what you moved forward.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Stretched Star Finish

This stretched star quilt started as a bunch of donated squares. Shelly used the stitch and flip method to put on the background triangles. Next she arranged them, sewed them into rows and added borders.
 Ruthie did a beautiful job quilting it.  Make sure you stop by Ruthie's blog. You are sure to be amazed by her newest mini. I'm in awe over it. It's even better in person.
 I added the binding. Together we created a Quilty Hug that is sure to comfort and bring a little happiness.
 Linking with Sarah and Cynthia to celebrate.